Welcome to Collin CAD's electronic documents site. In our ongoing efforts to automate access to written materials and evidence by an owner, or their property tax agent, we are making all 14-day evidence available for inspection on this site. Additionally, for residential single-family property, we will be uploading written materials (non-14day evidence) 48 hours prior to your scheduled ARB hearing. If we are unable to meet this timeframe we will provide the information at the opening of your ARB hearing. All other property types will have the written materials uploaded prior to the scheduled hearing or delivered at the opening of the ARB hearing.

In addition to working to comply with the specific sections of the Tax Code, regarding written materials and evidence, by the development of this website to allow inspection of these documents, it will continue to be our policy to work informally with you and exchange information, written materials and evidence as we work through the process together. The creation of a website for access to certain written materials and evidence is not intended to replace the in-person appraisal discussions or the informal exchange of information/written materials/evidence.

To avoid confusion about the labeling of the login field called Protester ID, please know that for property owners the Protester ID is the same as your Owner ID on the subject property, and in the notice letter advising you that evidence is ready for inspection it is called Protester ID. For property tax agents the Protestor ID is the same as your Agent ID. The Protester ID and PIN will be provided in the notice letter that we will send you when the 14-day evidence has been uploaded to the website for your inspection.